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Sadly, there are so many Indy Supporters that are no longer with us.

We, at the Chain of Freedom – Scotland, wished those that had gone before us to be represented on our Chain of Freedom – Scotland Event and given their rightful place, alongside those that attended.

Therefore, we encouraged people to write the names of their loved ones on their flags or send the names to our admin to add onto a group flag.

Below is a list of the names that we were sent:

James Byrne Snr Pat Devine Lorna Margaret Grant William Mc Millan
Jim Byrne Irene Devine Julie Grant Isobel Drummond
George Noon Proffessor T Jeffrey Hosea Muriel Watt Eleanor Johnston
Pat Kerr Donald Stewart Iain MacCormack Fred Bull
Harry Kerr Agnes Stewart Bill Broadfoot Margaret Bull
Tam Craig Colin Love William Shayer Angela Joss
Myra Hanratty John Davidson John Hamilton the Best Brucie Stewart
Bill Sharkey Helen Davidson Scott Gibson 1971 – 2021 Geordie Barney ( George Sutherland)
Marie Fulton Leslie Davidson Donald Ewan David Sansum
Roddy Milne Enid Davidson Audrey Tennant Billy Brennan
Len Byrne Mary Wilkie Jimmy Duke Leslie Innes Stewart
John Byrne Tom Wilkie Peggy Duke Anne Marion Stewart
Lindsay Jarrett Jock Marshall Rob Neilson Andrew McMorrin
John Duncanson Esther Marshall Ros Mitchell Mary Helen McMorrin
John Barry Joe Walker George Taylor John Holmes
Keith Gibson Foreman Fred P Storrie Betty Buist Lily Holmes
Tommy Dolan Andrew Kerr Robin Kilpatrick Eileen McKim
Aileen Bell Betty Kerr Janette Kilpatrick Rod McKim
Gordon Gray Michael Rooney Meg Fraser Malcolm McMillan
George Lawn Bill Serby Ruth Spiers Sandy McCracken
Sinclair Little Bob Lawson Jack Speirs Steve McGurn
John McCabe Elizabeth Weaver James Torrance Sheena Ashton
Helena McCabe John Nicoll Craig Munro Edith Wild
Coodie MacDonald Les Nicoll Russel Campbell Greta Stewart
John Brown Frances Hutchison John Hawthorn Chris Ferreira
James Reid Duncan Curries Dad William Brennan Keith McDade
Tony Gallacher Mike Goodband Jimmy Farrelly Caroline Collins Gardiner
Elizabeth (Betty) Fulton Sheldon Indy Dog

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